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Janet Jane, macrame maker. Founder of PT FIBER MOTEL INDONESIA
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June 4, 2020

The Process

We believe communication and trust is the key to a good working relationship. That's why we've made the process in just 3 simple steps for our clients.

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The most important part. Tell us your story. Tell us your ideas. Go crazy. Don't be shy to tell us what you're thinking. Remember we're here to tell YOUR story and we want to do it the best way we can, so it's crucial for you to tell us as much as you can.

The actual measurements of the artwork or installation that you want. We need this as it will be a pertinent factor when we move on to the next step.

Mostly we talk about installation - how and where. How will it be shipped? Will it be on the wall? What color is the wall? Will it be on the window or glazing? Would it need to be see-through so light can come in... these are the types of questions we will be asking.

Quality is remembered after price is long forgotten.
We're certain that you will definitely get a bang for your buck. If you're working on a budget, please do tell us and we'll be more than happy to work around it.
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The hardest part of the process. This is where we take your story and begin to visualize. Together we choose the materials, colors and techniques that will be applied to the piece.
Colors & Materials

After sharing with us your ideal color palette, we move on to materials. The materials we use will play a huge factor in the final visuals. Different materials will have different effects and looks once it is knotted or weaved. Usually, after discussing the overall look you want to achieve, we would recommend which materials are suitable and applicable.
Patterns & Techniques

Not all patterns and techniques can be applied to every piece. However, we don't want you to concern yourself with this. We will suggest the right patterns and techniques applied to achieve the outcome you want.
Design & Revisions

After understanding your vision, we will turn that into something visual. We create a sketch so that you can get a rough image of the end result. The colors not working? There's always revisions.
Please note that our artworks are 100% handmade; therefore it won't be an exact replica of the sketch.
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A lot of sweat, tears and sometimes (not to sound dramatic) blood is involved in this part. But above all that, a lot of heart and mindfulness goes into each piece that we create. This is what makes us different, we strive for perfection while meeting your deadlines.

It's time to put our theories into practice. This is where we actually physically create your artwork. There are instances where minor adjustments and tweaks are made during this part - if this occurs we will update you to get your approval. But if it's smooth sailing, you just need to relax and wait for the finished result.

We mentioned this part in Step 1. Where complicated structure and installation is required, don't fret we will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly. However, 90% of the time we design our installation process so that you can easily do it yourself.

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