Philosophy – Fiber Motel
Janet Jane, macrame maker. Founder of PT FIBER MOTEL INDONESIA
Meet the Maker
June 4, 2020

Everything we do, we do with a lot of heart.

When we first started in 2017, macramé and weaving were not a big thing yet in Indonesia. Though they were actually sold in a lot of souvenir shops in cities like Bali and Jogjakarta. But they had the same style and almost nobody knew that they were called 'macrame'.
They were known as dreamcatchers, as that was almost exclusively the only shape it was made in.
We decided to reinvent and modernize this vintage art, and create pieces that were more versatile. In patterns and shapes that weren't exclusively designed to keep nightmares away.

Combining classic techniques with modern design.

Macramé is often associated with a 'bohemian-style' and as much fun as that is, that is not the direction we are taking. Our focus is taking a classic technique and combining it with modern design. We want to show people that macrame is versatile and it does belong in modern times, in modern interiors.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."

Nothing matters more to us than the quality of our work. We set the bar high for ourselves when it comes to making our art. So much so, that no matter how big the piece is, there will never be more than 3 people working on it - the main reason for this is that so we can maintain consistency and quality in each finished piece.

It's the small things that matter most.

Details are a highly significant factor for us. To us, the satisfaction comes from knowing that we gave everything and did our absolute best in creating a piece. There are such things as small barely-there nano mistakes - where to the naked eye, it might not be seen. But you can be sure, even if we know nobody will notice it, we will fix it anyway; while still meeting our deadline. That is just how we are.