Meet the Maker – Fiber Motel
May 28, 2020
The Process
June 8, 2020


I'm Janet Jane.

I started Fiber Motel in February 2017. It all began as a hobby and quickly developed into something I'm more than passionate about. My background is actually in Marketing and Business. Before I took on Fiber Motel full time, I worked at a few branding and digital agencies. Both my education and my experience has helped me a lot in growing Fiber Motel into what it is today, and it has also made me realize that what I love the most is helping people tell their stories, helping brands and businesses convey their message.
That is my goal for Fiber Motel, to help people, brands and businesses tell their stories in a different way - through art.
I enjoy learning things by myself, solving problems and creating things out of what seems like nothing. I believe the devil is in the details, as I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work. I do enjoy making my art, though I wouldn't call myself an artist, more of a designer or a constructor - as that is literally what I do; I design and then I literally construct.
So to summarize; Hi. I'm Janet Jane. Let me tell your story.