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How To Order

1. Message us or email us about which product you wish to purchase.

2. We will check if your product is in stock or not for retail products.

3. After your order is confirmed, we require personal details.

(Name, Email, Phone Number, and Shipping Address)

4. We will process your order and come back to you with an invoice.

5. Please transfer your total via Bank Transfer to our BCA/CIMB NIAGA account, which we will provide after order is confirmed.

6. After we’ve received your payment, we’ll send your item and confirm!

Need To Know

1. For quality control purposes, our retail products are on limited quantity for each model. Keep in mind, all of them are handmade.

2. Custom pieces and larger macramé pieces are MADE BY ORDER, and will can take 1-2 weeks for them to be ready.

3. Orders in large quantities can take more than 2 weeks, depending on our ongoing projects at the time of order.

4. If you have preferences for custom designs, please send them to us.

5. We CANNOT duplicate or replicate macramé designs from other artists, as to respect and value the original designer.

6. Same-day shipping is only applicable to those in the JABODETABEK area, where we will use an online ‘Ojek’ system of your choosing.

7. For shipping via post or mail, we ship out every Monday.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We collaborate with individuals and businesses for both our macrame works and urban greens decor. It’s important to us, that the partners we work with share the same passion and vision about what we do. However, we’re always open to discussing new projects and finding common grounds with our collaborators. Some of the things we can do for you :

1. Store Decor (Macramé & Greens)

2. Macramé Window Displays

3. Urban Greens Decor (Residential & Commercial)

4. Event Decor (Baby Showers, Weddings, etc.)

5. Souvenirs & Gift Bags (Macramé Keychains, sculptures, etc.)

6. Shows & Exhibitions (Live Macro Macrame Installation)

Retail and Stockist

Due to the handmade nature of our products, we only make limited quantity of each model. This helps us guarantee authenticity and also maintaining quality. In addition, we do this because we want our customers to feel like they are purchasing a piece of macramé art, rather than an off the shelf product. Please let us know if your establishment would like to become a stockist for our products, and if you share the same value and vision as we do.