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Latest Macrame Collection, Introducing Earth.

II’ve been lazy in coming up with pieces that are solely for Fiber Motel. Caught up in all the projects and custom orders, it has made what was once my hobby, now a chore. As upsetting as it is, I’ve realized that this is what I signed up for, and it’s necessary step in order for Fiber Motel to grow. But let’s not get into that now, I’m here to talk about my latest macrame collection –  Earth.

To be honest, I  just came up with the name of our latest collection while writing this blog post. The first piece (pictured) was not planned at all, I have been working at it in small parts. Each week I do one part of it, hence why it has taken me so so soooo long to finish it. Longer than I want to admit – and now it’s finally finished and I couldn’t be happier with the results. A combination of macrame and weaving, it’s a beauty. I have been experementing with colors and textures and different materials for a few projects, and now it’s all combined in one piece. 

To me, creating a macrame is not just for my clients, I need to be happy with it too. Everytime I create something new, I would ask myself “would I want to purchase this?” –  and if the answer is no, chances are I would probably re-do it. With Fiber Motel, one thing that is important to me is the quality of the product. Maybe it’s just my ego talking, but I know that each work I create will be associated with myself and my brand, hence why sometimes even though I’d be able to finish a piece in a day or two, I would ask my client for a week or two to make sure I get everything just right, and my work puts a smile on my client’s face. Stay updated with our work through our Instagram page! To check out our other macrames and past works go to our catalog.