Urban Greens

Hanging Macramé Garden

As you might know, other than macramé, I’m also very into plants and gardening. Unfortunately I don’t have a proper backyard garden so we make do with what we have and set up an indoor garden! I’ve to admit that I’ve been a bit distant from my greens and gardening since I’ve been quite busy with all my ropes and settling Fiber Motel. But now, it’s a little bit calmer and I have time to garden and tend to my urban greens again! Yay! 

During the past month, I’ve been setting up Fiber Motel HQ to be an urban jungle-ish workspace. But since all my ropes and materials take up a lot of space and tabletops, I had to find some other way to make space for my greens. Hence I took down my super large macrame that was hanging above my stair railings – and gave it away to a very good friend of mine. And I decided to replace it with a hanging garden. It took me a while to set it up, the macramé hangers obviously wasn’t a problem, it was the plant curation that took up the most time. I wanted it to be different types of plants, but still be able to survive indoors with no direct sunlight. Also, plants that did not need much watering – I have to get on top a chair just to water them everytime.

But it was so worth it! It turned out so wonderful and I don’t think I can ever leave. We’re now offering services to get hanging garden display!

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