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Game of Thrones Inspired.

We’re less than a week away from the premiere of Game of Thrones season 7 and we couldn’t be happier – and a bit sad knowing that after 2 weeks our lives (well, at least mine) will be empty. But to celebrate Daenerys arriving in Dragonstone and the Starks reuniting in the North, I’ve made some wall hangings that are inspired by Game of Thrones. Yes, yes I’m such a nerd – thanks. Anyways, check out the slider below to see the wall hangings we’ve created in tribute to our favorite political deathmatch.

  • 60x100cm


    Inspired by the watchers on the wall, we've added a little wool, a little fringe and a lot of thought into this piece.

  • 80x105 cm


    Vaes Dothrak. Across the narrow sea and into Essos.

  • 100x120 cm


    Inspired by the War of the Five Kings, we've divided this piece into 5 sections to represent our favorite players in the Game of Thrones.