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We all know the famous saying from our favorite HBO show ‘Winter Is Coming’. Well as much as we love Game of Thrones and Winter (which is non-existent in our beloved Indonesia), we won’t be doing a winter collection anytime soon. To celebrate our favorite HBO Show releasing it’s 7th season in July, we’ve decided to do a SUMMER IS COMING collection around the same time!

Anyways, our summer collection is our most fun one yet! Vibrant and colorful, we can’t stop looking at it especially with the touch of color we added to our pieces. Yes, that’s right we’re FINALLY doing color. It was bound to happen. What are the colors you ask? Of course we had to start with our brand colors – blue, green and yellow – with added hues and variations.

Our signature piece from this collection has to be our ZANIRA skirt hangers (see featured image) which comes with white ceramic pots. As you know, we value efficiency here at the motel, and to make it more efficient for you we’ve decided to include white ceramic pots to go with the ZANIRA Skirt Hangers, so you don’t have to think about which of your planter you want to hang there. You can simply take our white ceramic pot to your local nursery and have them place your greeneries in there, or you could do it yourself (we prefer the latter btw). 

The ZANIRA skirt hangers are obviously handmade… but fun fact – they’re also hand-dyed. As much as we love to go all natural, we went with synthetic dye for this pieces. They come in 3 colors – tyrell green, stark blue and martell yellow (for those of you GoT fans, see what we did there?).

More updates to come. Stay tuned.