Motel News

3 Months and Counting

Today marks our 3-months anniversary! We launched Fiber Motel on Valentine’s Day. All of our products are handmade with lots of love and so we thought, what better way to launch then on the day of love. 


On the day we launched, we never thought that in only 3-months we would where we are today. Though it’s only been roughly 12 weeks since we started, the things we accomplished makes us feel like it’s been 12 months already! We’ve received so much support both internally and externally. The best part is working with a lot of people that we never thought we would ever work with.


When we started, macramés as a decorative item were rare here in Jakarta. Now, 3 months later, macrame makers are showing up everywhere, and the interest for macrame is growing by the day – and we couldn’t be happier about it! It’s so amazing and thrilling to see other people appreciate the art of macrame as much as we do.


When I was first starting out macramé, I was still trying out a bunch of different styles. Choosing a macrame style I really liked wasn’t easy. I had to experiment with a bunch of different styles first, go through hundreds and hundreds of meters of rope and cords until I finally realized what my style was. Which macramé character I wanted Fiber Motel to have. The possibilities were endless. I wanted something that had a little bohemian character but still clean and modern.

Even though there’s still a lot of different options to try, we’re pleased to say that we’ve found our style and character – in terms of our products and how we want Fiber Motel to be perceived.


In addition to all of the above, we wanted to celebrate our 3-months anniversary by having a SALE on our earlier collections and our smaller pieces for TODAY (14th May 2017) only. Unfortunately, I will no longer be making wall hangings smaller than 50cm in width. There are many factors on why I chose to do this, mostly artistic and idealistic reasons, if you’ve read my previous blog post, you would know that my motto is ‘Go Big or Go Home’, hence making bigger pieces would be more suitable to represent Fiber Motel and myself. So the smaller pieces we have left that we are putting on sale will be the last of our smaller wall hangings.


Thanks for reading and we wish you a Happy Sunday and Happy MacraMay!



Lots of love,